Aleah + Jackson

I went with my sister to the Pleasant View Apple Orchard today to grab some quick shots of these little’uns! Aleah was not as cooperative, but eventually the diva in her came out, and all went smoothly. Little Jack, of course, is always up to something so he was having a blast! Love these two more than anything :)

Day in the Dirt-40-2

Day in the Dirt

Unplanned, spontaneous sessions are the best! I captured my beautiful niece and three nephews in their natural habitat: playing in the dirt. From searching for “pig noses” to finding the perfect sticks to dig with, these kiddos loved spending the afternoon outside with their shoes off. I love these crazy little’uns more than anything, even when they mean mug the camera (Jack). ;)


Here is a sneak peak at the adorable session I did last night! Little Garret was so fun and talkative the whole time, telling me all about first grade, his friends and, of course, his dirtbike. He did so well, thank you Vicky and Kyle for having me photograph him! Hope you enjoy your preview :)